Almost all the major media channels around the world has termed the election of Donald Trump as the new American president as a major upset in its history, but is it so?

Now, of course it is- I don’t for a second tend to incline towards a foolish dated ridicule as my choice for throning what is perhaps the most powerful seat in the world right now, but hasn’t this so called upset started a long time back?
Amidst claims (and video proofs) of his supporters being racist, bigots and so called white-supremacists, are they only reasons behind this so called ‘upset’. I tend to differ.

From the early part of the previous century, part by part America had started being owned by multinational conglomerates (the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds), who slowly behind the knowledge of the general population started controlling their government. As Dr. Dhrubajyoti Ghosh states, in 1945 Harry Truman became the president and coined the term ‘development’ .  United Kingdom, USA and certain European countries became termed as ‘developed’ nations, while other fell into lower categories of ‘developing’ and ‘undeveloped’ countries.

It was the start of the post-colonial era and the leaders of these nations called out for the formation of world bodies to charter behaviours of individual countries for betterment of the whole world. Bodies like United Nations, World Bank, World Health Organisations came under existence, strangely having only members from the ”developed” nations. Within a fortnight, ”development” became the goal of the planet. Guess who decided the development models?

Traditional heritage, wisdom, living patterns, styles of all the ”third-world” countries came under the under-developed tag and the world set out in its objective of wider roads, faster cars and towering concrete blocks within a orderly grid-existence.

Capitalism as they say had begun, roaring in its new found meaning being celebrated by the 99% as they unknowingly served the 1% who started controlling their lives.

Don’t get me wrong- I don’t intend to mean that good hygiene- access to safe water- basic amenities- proper nutrition is not development, but maybe as with everything else, there are simply more ways to achieve the desired result and maybe different geographies demand different treatments.

All was great of course- except for one basic thing- the great flaw of the system- THE EXPLOITATION. The adamancy, ego and the power of the decision makers against the utter helplessness of the others.

But one thing that I have to give to the rich greedy power-hungry bastards though- they remain till today true to their basic driving force- Capital! They cashed in on the new wave of neo-liberalism and opened up their economy- shifted their industries to other countries (China obviously) to evade taxes- brought in people from the ”developing and under-developed” nations because of their work at a much cheaper rate- all these- simply for that one black hole at the lowest-bottom of their filthy stomach tireless in its want for absorbing all the world’s wealth there is.

The result though, people of these tagged developed nations started becoming poor and they started getting  gentrified at the hands of the immigrant population noted eligible enough by their own countries (read corporates) to come and work for them. The problem would not have arrived had it been a smooth transition as it was happening till the century turned.

Then 9/11 happened. And it created the exact image that its creators intended. Shock! Around the world!

All average Americans living peacefully in their carefully crafted ignorant lives suddenly woke up to hear the unimaginable. (I don’t intend to put marginalise here though- every average citizen of the world today is living that same ignorant American dream or at the very least desiring to live- Truman’s mission has been a successful one). The capitalists used it to their advantage well- directing the shock of its citizens into rage against the ”terrorists” wasn’t difficult perhaps-the combination of Racism and Capitalism- it was only the beginning!

All this ultimately points out how effective Bernie Sanders’ campaign would have been had the over-confident pawn democratic party chose not to ignore the very one it serves- the people of America.

Then came the rise of the virtual and with it, capitalism gained further strength and migration began in full flow- the industries never returned though- the American policy of charging exorbitant college fees didn’t help either.

Then came the bang! The banks got exposed- Stocks started pluming down in heaps- people started losing their jobs- their homes- the American reality started crumbling down; the Government bailed them out (or the banks, which helped the people to keep their jobs!- as an average american teenager would say- ”whateva”.) The system though, didn’t change one bit.

The next elections brought out a historic result- the country voted its first president of African American decent. It was seen as a statement of America shouting its liberalism to the world at the top of its lungs- 7 years after 9/11- after all the racism claims that has been hurled towards the nation- amidst the largest economic crisis it was facing in decades! All was supposedly going well- jobs were getting created again- Obama got re-elected in 2012 winning another historic majority- but!

But the system never changed as was promised.  More importantly with the rise of technology and social media, information became more and more transparent- people started understanding the flaws of their own government- just like the rest of the world, even the Americans were enlightened with the truth about their government- the billionaires, who are actually running it and the discrepancies they have been facing for quite a long time. As usual their anger started piling up. Enter Mr. Trump.


I will quote senator Bernie Sanders next-

“Donald Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media. People are tired of working longer hours for lower wages, of seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries, of billionaires not paying any federal income taxes and of not being able to afford a college education for their kids – all while the very rich become much richer.”

How much the leftists shout about humanity and equality, we are fundamentally individualists. It comes down to our very basic survival instinct to prove that. And people who have grown up in a nutshell of supremacy cannot act level-headed, leave alone gracefully in their fall from it. Their growing dissatisfaction turned into anger, which made it very easy for Mr. Trump to give it the shape of racism, sexism and xenophobia! How else would you explain a country’s journey from voting for an educated knowledgeable black guy to a misogynistic bigot in 4 years?

The majority of the angry middle class were tired in the undecipherable diplomacy of the politicians and Trump just told them what they wanted to hear- be it rational, possible or not!

At one of his campaigns in Miami he said that under his presidency the world golf championships would never be shifted to Mexico city, as was the case this year. What The Fuck! and the crowd applauded!! Double that Fuck.

Add to that his opposition- Hillary Clinton- the exact image this diminishing middle class’s anger is directed at. Being close to the rich celebrities and wall street biggies, the email leaks- among numerous other accusations- everything that the people loathed. I have to say that the former US Secretary of State did not paint a very powerful and reliable picture of a world leader. Maybe that is because of the high standards Obama has set.

What is absolutely nuts though, that so doesn’t Donald Trump! But his words though- oh his words! A self-acclaimed scholar of words, Trump took the disguise of power that his people will slowly realise he isn’t. How he gets unmasked though, remains to be seen. Some people though already knew that and still voted for him or for a third party as a revenge against the establishment, which Hillary so clearly represented! Those are the people to whom it ultimately came down to! 

All this ultimately points out how effective Bernie Sanders’ campaign would have been had the over-confident pawn democratic party chose not to ignore the very one it serves- the people of America.

I’m not sure how the divide,  the initial violence and chaos will play out, but Trump being a product of the Wall Street will not betray it, however foolish he seems to be- he is ultimately like the majority of us – a greedy coward tool.
Is he going to start a war? looks like it- Will he go nuclear- I don’t think he will- I don’t think he will be allowed- the War must go on as the billionaires would say- nuking will just call upon some decades of peace thereafter- not good for them at all.

But what is more important here to note is that, clearly a change is inevitable at the very nucleus of Truman’s development- be it the election of Trump- be it Brexit – all these are just faces to the people’s anger of being exploited by the rich minority and direct backlashes on the neo-liberal Capitalistic policies that has engrossed the planet.

There is again only one problem though- it is not progressive at the slightest!