The recent Covid 19 outbreak has caused quite a stir in the world. Though experts are constantly advising against panic, the constant news space the subject is getting is making sure that none of us pay heed to those. Of course, you cannot blame the commoners on that completely. Especially when there is still no cure found, even though some trial vaccinations have been started in the U.S.

As for now the only possible way to prevent the spread seems to be precautionary measures and isolation. Staying indoors- avoiding mass gatherings at all costs. Social Distancing is the name of the game here. While it started in China, and the country still has the most number of cases recorded, people really started paying heed from the case of Italy. A popular social media post has been doing the rounds which divides the whole pandemic in the country in a number of stages. It paints a picture of the exponential rise in the case numbers which has led the Italian government to do the unthinkable- bring the entire country into a lock down. Since then of course, Spain and France seems to have fallen to similar trends, with the Spanish government going the same way. Bing has done a first in creating a simple website for live country wise cases tracking. Check it out here.

Its now clear that mostly developed countries with strong currencies and a wealthy population with a lot of money to spend on international travel are getting affected the most. As of today, EU nations, USA, UK, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries seem to be the worst hit. But, people have learnt the lesson faster this time, or so it seems. Most realise that at the current rate, they too would probably have to go in a complete shutdown to stop the virus from spreading. So, the next smart decision- hoarding!

Cities in ‘developed’ nations all buy the supermarket controlled packaged goods. No local vendors selling locally made items in the open. So, the natural outcome- shortage of supplies.  But exactly here, society intervenes. While people in capitalist USA are lining up to buy guns as they expect this social unrest to grow, the socialist Dutch are lining up to pile up their weed stock while they prepare for their hibernation.

A report from the Guardian states the following-

A major online dealer of ammunition,, has put out figures for sales from 23 February to 4 March that give an indication of the scale of the surge. In that 11-day period sales increased 68% compared to the 11 days up to 23 February.

Sales were especially pronounced in North Carolina and Georgia, which experienced a leap of 179% and 169% respectively. Other states with large increases included Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Illinois and New York.

In a statement,’s marketing manager, Alex Horsman, said: “We know certain things impact ammo sales, mostly political events or economic instability when people feel their rights may end up infringed. This is our first experience with a virus leading to such a boost in sales.”

The Telegraph posted this video on their youtube page which shows the situation in the States.

Americans panic buying guns and ammunition amid coronavirus pandemic


In contrast, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Daily Mail reports from the Netherlands-

The queues built up within minutes after the Dutch health and education ministers gave a televised press conference announcing the closure of many businesses, along with all Dutch schools.

‘For maybe for the next two months we’re not able to get some weed so it should be nice to at least have some in the house,’ one cannabis buyer in the Hague said.

‘My friend called me like five minutes ago, he saw the press conference – good friend,’ the Dutch shopper called Jonathan said.

While this does not attack the mindset of the Americans as violent or lifts up the Dutch as peace lovers, it hints at the amount of trust the nations’ citizens have on their respective governments. If the Americans have had more faith in their authorities they would not be even envisaging such a situation in the future where they might have to take the matter in their own hands.  The Dutch, with more faith on their officials seem to be just following the rules and making sure they do not miss out their fair share of entertainment. At times like these though and especially with such an enemy, I doubt violence will lead to any solution and hope the situations do not come to that where we have to fight ourselves for basic utilities.