On 22nd June, Junaid Khan, a 16 year old teenager from Khandawali village near Delhi, gets lynched in a moving train on the eve of Eid- his body thrown off in the Asaoti station. Following some news reportings, a  social media post goes viral and massive protests erupt. This had been  the nth time such a case has been reported in the past few years.

Ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and came to power at the centre, there has been news of rising events of communalism between the Hindus and Muslims in India. There have been regular news of communal violence in one part of the country or another; and this has got the people talking and arguing and sharing opinions in different platforms. Never before has there been so many voices from the general mass as there has been now. The advent of Social media has ofcourse a giant role in that. But as the elite urbaner keeps on reacting from a distance to real or tampered evidences and words of authentic or staged events, what is the actuality of the situation unfolding beneath? As the trending topics shifted from Beef to Love Jihad, has there been any progressive outcome from all this or has just the media giants raked up TRPs and advertising revenues, while the ground situation remains unchanged?

What is at the base of this social disorder? Is this barbarism a sudden, new era crisis or has it been thriving beneath our eyes since long before? Is it just blood-lust or is there a bigger organised game at play? And if it is so then, who are playing it- since when and why?

As the logical questions piled up one after the other, we at DYNT, decided to move and search for the appropriate answers. We went to the stadiums, met the players, saw their dressing rooms, debated with the coaches, discussed with the commentators, and from there we have documented for the spectators, through a 1 hour long motion picture, our findings. This here is the trailer to the upcoming Gau Mata Lynching Forward.