Hello Everybody, We understand this is crazy late but We can hardly sleep due to our nocturnal sensitivities, and hence we at DYNT have chosen this absolute graveyard moment to release our penultimate episode for this season as our Web-Series on Kolkata draws an inevitable close for now. What are our next plans, we shall talk about it later You can follow us through our website to read exciting stories about the world and stuff like that. There are lot of plans brewing up but the lack of support is pegging us a bit but we will get through this because we will.

Back to the Episode 12 – Intersections, part of our ongoing web-series, Calcutta-Cultural Capital? In this Episode we meet Four distinct individuals from different wakes of life, who stood one time at an intersection of their respective lives and had to choose between taking a cozy, comfortable job of security or taking the gauntlet and fight it out and carve a niche out for themselves in this world of nihilist obsessions like Pokeman Go.

Dynt’s 12th episode is an ode to such brilliantly courageous individuals who refused the obvious and took a walk into the unknown to find something which nobody has. These individuals with their stories and perspective inspire all of us here at DYNT to build courage to do what we love and stand up for the choices we have made in our lives with Zero Regrets.

Thanks and Cheers.