We are back with our 5th episode of ‘Cultural Capital?’. We explore the colorful world of fine arts and street art in the city of Kolkata to check out how colorful it really is.

We took our lenses and a bagful of question to the city’s fine art artists and street art culture-junkies to get their perspective on the issues of uses of internet and digitalization in changing the culture forms of today, the validity of entrance exams like TET and SLET that reserve the right to appoint untrained teachers at art colleges, who might have the theoretical knowledge on creating art but not the practical know-hows and soul connection to the piece of art they are teaching today’s art students to create, the lack of knowledge and openness that people of Kolkata have regarding graffitis and street art on walls which are already filled with Capitalist Ads of commercial companies and Political Slappings all over the city, the obstacle of commercialization and the money barrier that does not allow an artist to openly express his opinion through a picture drawn on a canvas or a wall. In a situation like this is Kolkata of today really in a position to give society a revolutionary artist in either of the art forms? Do people in Kolkata really give a shit about art in the city or do they just pretend to be art lovers so that they can behave like an elitist?