The outside is transforming into a dull white colour, the road is getting dressed with leaves, the air has a dusty tinge to it, the wind is burning cold and you- you are are tightening up, chaining your jacket upto its brim- always longing for something, not entirely sure of what it is though, while ordering that extra-hot cup of coffee, not for the caffeine-energy but for the weather change it induces inside you. Well, this feeling mate is called ”thirst” and yes, it is exactly what you are thinking it is!


For those who still have absolutely no idea about it, here is a definition of Cuffing Season by Urban Dictionary to start you off-

“During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

According to Hello Giggles, Cuffing Season lasts from November to March, though I believe culturally it starts a few weeks after Diwali when you remember of those things called Winter Clothes!

No, it is not another stupid millennial trend- it is actually evolutionary history

According to Dr. Wendy Walsh, a clinical psychologist who specializes in the psychology of love, sex and gender roles. “Cuffing season has happened in our evolutionary history every time the days get darker. We’re walking around in DNA that’s hundred of thousands of years old. In our anthropological past, there was less food and resources available, and hunter-gatherers’ survival happened better if you were in a pack, if you were coupled up … This increased survival of any offspring that came out of it.”

Just give it a thought-

Which are the months you get maximum marriage invitations on?

Why are so many kids born between August and October?


Though the whole phenomenon is more predominant in colder places than warmer ones, and may come in completely different part of the calendar if you are from the Southern Hemisphere, it has become some sort of an underground social custom attached with these months- maybe the Christmas- Year ending combo has something to do with it!

Look at this calendar has set out for this year’s cuffing season-


So, How can I find a cuffing partner? Asking for a friend ofcourse!

It’s ultimately, as is pretty much everything else, all about communication.

And it is very important, again like in pretty much everything else, to be honest. You don’t want your cuffing partner to be under the impression that this is going somewhere serious if you’re not (thinking that way) because

(1) It’s not nice and

(2) It’s going to set you up for a later drama.

So, just be open and let the other person know you’re looking at this relationship as a temporary enjoyable relationship, not misleading them, even if that means losing him/her! Morality and all that guys!

Also, you can circulate this cuffing season application as someone did like this! 😀



Now, Places- Where can, if at all, they be found?

Well, first you have to remember that everybody is potentially one! So, is he going to be that cute friend you have been exchanging awkward hellos on facebook with, or that okayish work-friend you have at the bear-bottom of your priority list- no one knows.

One thing for sure, whether generally you are the chased or the chasee, the choker or the choked, the bottom or the top, the player or the played, cuffing season is for everyone- its about swinging your bat at every ball and seeing which one connects.

There are obviously no porn-fetish style sex themed disney-park here where you go and come out with one. Its basically the same old shit for forever horny singles swiping on your phones or going to pubs and bars looking for some miraculous mingle with that hot opposite. The change is only in the air- since most are looking for someone, all you have to be is confident and ask!

You might still be the one above these petty urges!

The air and water and wind and energy aside, you might still be the one thinking more from your brain than your genitals. Yes, there is obviously that chance!!

So, while the others are wasting their time looking for somebody to cuddle with under the blankets you can still be single and focused and make yourself better. You can obviously finally start learning the guitar, read that book, learn that foreign language you have been thinking about all the while harnessing your already brilliant masturbatory skills.


Winter starts receding, spring is flowing up, buds start blossoming- the days start getting bright yellower, the temperatures are rising up again and so does your sense of judgement.

An Ideal end to all this frenzy will be if you both set yourselves free from a nice period of much-needed sexual comfort and go your separate ways with spring in your steps, confidence in your attitude and freedom in your heart, but! As we all know, that is not what generally happens- there are always leftovers!

One of you may have accidentally caught that dreaded virus of feelings and you start analysing it by looking back and itching it into making you think that you always had that and had been ignoring it all this while! Or, maybe the whole experience turns out to fruit more sourness than pleasure! Or, you might have tried hard and believed that this might be your year, but just like last year or the year before, found nobody worthy of your wants!


source: MedProsMeet Official Blog


But Still, But Still…

Where the mind is without tiredness and the body full of hormones, one cannot afford to not feel the increasing temptation of it all. And if we human beings have preferred balance over ups and downs, don’t you think we would have achieved that in over 10000 years of evolution?

So go forward comrades, the world is one small place- take your picks narrow them down and plunge. THIS IS CUFFING fucking SEASON and you can definitely get that ideal partner of yours. Don’t let those 10 million tinder rejections tell you any different!