With the rise of SEVERAL physical disorders in the present age, there is also the increase of mental health issues. Most of us face periods of stress, anxiety, grief and conflict. So how do you understand when it’s time to fix an appointment with a therapist?

Sometimes the signs for therapy are visible but at other times, it might not be that obvious. Then, abruptly, one day you realize that life has become uncontrollable. Before it reaches to this crux, here are Seven signs that suggest you may need help from a counselor/therapist:


 Uncontrollable negative feelings–

Are you overcome with gloomy thoughts and feelings? These may be signs of a mental health issue that can improve with therapy. These feelings rise to the point that you ponder whether life is worth living. When you face such recurrent pessimistic thoughts, reach out for help right away.

Feeling disconnected from previously beloved activities –

You have stopped participating in activities that used to give you happiness, or even simple pleasure LIKE, socializing with friends and family, indulging in hobbies, etc. Why? It can that intense and difficult emotions are hassling you and hence, you have lost the will to live.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms (Abusing a substance for coping) –

When you find yourself using the help of any substance – alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, even FOOD, it can lead to addictive behavior. You need to analysis what’s causing you to need that very substance.

Your close ones are suggesting it –

Your friends or family is telling you that you are acting distant or you are unable to stop your negative emotions or thoughts. Thus, it’s worth considering the perspectives of those around you.

Something distressing has happened –

Painful events like death of a family member, a breakup or job loss can lead to a lot of suffering. We want to believe that these feelings WILL GO away with time, which isn’t always the result.

Job/academic stress-

Grief from any traumatic event can affect daily functioning and even cause you to withdraw from job/academic duties. If you notice you aren’t engaged in work like before, or you are burying yourself more with work, it’s time to seek guidance.

Poor physical health-

You are facing recurrent headaches, stomach-aches, frequent colds or in short, poor immunity system. Mind and body is interconnected. Thus, stress can manifest itself in the form of a wide range of health issues.

It is normal to feel apprehensive about seeing a counselor for the first time. The toughest part is accepting the fact that you require help. But, it’s important to remember that sometimes, its necessary to seek help. It is our job, as mental health PROFESSIONALS AFTER all, to provide assistance.


Puja Roy is a health psychologist and is currently working as a counselor at the Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata. You can follow her here.