A Scotsman has been stunned after a woman bit his tongue during a street fight, only to see a seagull swoop down and eat it.

James McKenzie and Bethaney Ryan were involved in a violent street fight in August 2019 when she leaned in to kiss him.

As she leaned over, she bit down savagely and ripped out a piece of his tongue and spit in out on the ground.

A large seagull then flew down and grabbed the meaty muscle in its beak, then flew away before the injured man could retrieve it.

The incident left McKenzie maimed for life.
Ryan pleaded guilty to assaulting McKenzie during an Edinburgh court hearing. Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court prosecutor Susan Dickson said the pair, who were strangers, clashed in the capital’s Leith Walk and an argument developed.

Ryan initially tried to walk away from the confrontation, but McKenzie continued to be aggressive.
McKenzie approached her again with a clenched fist.

She then only responded to his actions by pushing him before kissing him and biting his tongue off.

The piece of the dislodged tongue measured approximately 2 cm by 3 cm.
Ryan was later arrested by police and McKenzie went to hospital for treatment where ‘the laceration of his tongue’ is said to have ‘oozed blood’.

He did not need surgery as the dislodged piece of tongue was no longer available to be reattached.

This article originally appeared in the NZherald.