Today we have dropped the very last episode from our Web Series, Calcutta: Cultural Capital. This is the thirteenth episode – Rock and Roll Part II.
This episode focusses on the business of holding a music festival in the city of Kolkata. We also discuss the influence of the widely popular Bangla Bands of the city that many claim to have got the music scene rolling in the city. We also try to broadly discuss a sleeping underground music movement which has been stirring this city ever since 2007 when it officially arrived on the scene – Metal. Is metal still an accessible genre of music in Kolkata? What about the people who play and listen to this minor form of music the mainstream is not interested in? Are the best days of metal in Kolkata as good as over? Can metal have a phoenix moment where it can gather its ashes and rise again to dominate the music scene here?
We try to talk to people who have been keenly stuck around the scene either as musicians, organisers or mere audiences and ask them questions to find out if the much fabled, Kolkata Music is still thriving?
This is our final episode and we are thankful to everybody, who spent countless hours with us brainstorming on this project which we had conceived back in 2014. Much has changed since then but we believe our stories still remain relevant and true to the fact today. Completing this Web Series was a big challenge for all of us here at Dynt and we would like to thank everybody involved in our project without ever giving up. We are also grateful to the people who egged us to move on and not give up despite the web series getting little attention and a very tiny audience. It is a personal triumph for all of us here as we hope to leave a lasting piece of work for the future.
What next? We really dont know frankly but Dynt doesnt stop here. We will keep on moving although the path ahead remains lonely and the struggle remains real. Survivalism is the key.
Thanks Everybody for all your Love.
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