A Town In Ghana All Exclusively Support Aston Villa


A small town in Ghana is made up of entirely Aston Villa fans, and it’s all down to ‘God’ or Paul McGrath as he’s more commonly known.


You might have thought that Villa wouldn’t be the most popular club anywhere outside of the West Midlands, especially with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United to contend within their own country.

However, it seems that a small town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana has the most incredible concentration of Villa fans around, with everyone in the area supporting Dean Smith’s team.

Owusu Boakye Amando, a 21-year-old from the town, set up the Ghana Lions, a fan club for the Premier League team, and claims they have over 1,000 supporters in the town.

On matchday, the fans wear the team colours and march and chant in the town to show support. “Every Sunday morning it is our routine. We have to be fit and more active so that we can chant, so we do exercises and after that, we will chant and chant and go on for more than three hours,” Amando told the Daily Mail.

“When we come back we start the chants using the names of the footballers who play for Aston Villa, and we chant against the opponents we come to play against. We do some chants and we all watch them play together.

“Most people were Chelsea fans, Man United fans, Barcelona fans. They are all joining us as Aston Villa fans now! Because what we are doing is amazing.”