43 year old Vinaya Kumari, a nurse at a private nursing home in the Indian town of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh experienced fits. Further check up revealed a complex tumour in her brain, which had to be removed surgically. But, due to the specific type of surgery, it was critical for the patient to remain conscious throughout the whole procedure.

This can be a challenge with the local anesthesia being pumped into the system and the monotony inside the Operation Theatres. ENTER BAHUBALI.

The doctors at the Tulasi-Multispeciality hospital, where she was admitted, decided to screen SS Rajamouli’s epic drama, which had already surpassed a worldwide profit of 1500 crore rupees, for Ms. Kumari to watch and remain awake and engaged.

Here is the youtube video that shows glimpses of this unique Operation.



It seems to have worked magically as Dr Srinivas, a neurosurgeon, was quoted as saying “In this surgery it was important for the patient to stay conscious and the film managed to do exactly that. The patient did not panic through the process, in fact, she was enjoying and humming the songs,”. With the operation turning out to be successful, doctors have named the surgery as Bahubali Brain Surgery.

Ms. Kumari, now discharged from the hospital, said, “The surgery lasted for about an hour and half, but I hoped it would go on a bit longer, so that I could see the entire film.

Though rare, such instances are not unheard of. In July this year, doctors at the Bhagwayn Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Bangalore had performed a similar procedure on a musician who was made to play the guitar while undergoing brain surgery. Abhishek Prasad was awake during the four-hour surgery as doctors performed ‘radio-frequency ablation’ to correct a rare condition.