An American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. was rerouted to Kansas City, Missouri, after an unruly passenger tried to enter the cockpit and open the aircraft door on Sunday afternoon in mid air.

One passenger, Mouaz Moustafa, who described the situation on his Twitter handle, explained that the incident was “almost a catastrophe”. Thankfully the passengers and flight attendants successfully subdued the culprit.

The flight attendant intervened and was able to stop the passenger with a coffee pot before the FBI boarded and arrested him.

“The FBI have boarded flight #AA1775 and are going through the scene after a flight attendant used a coffee pot to strike a middle aged man multiple times who was attempting to open the plane door,”  Moustafa wrote on Twitter.

“The experience was terrifying,” he said. “At the beginning we didn’t know what happened because the flight attendants were panicking and the pilot started descending to a low altitude very quickly we thought the pilot may have passed out or something happened to him.”

Although Moustafa was in the middle of the plane, he said he saw a flight attendant running past him to the back of the plane, grabbing a coffee pot and running back forward.

Some passengers tried to hold him while the flight attendant bashed him on the head with the coffee pot till he was bleeding and pinned down.

In January 2021, the FAA introduced an order to create stricter rules and consequences for undisciplined passengers after a significant increase in incidents. Undisciplined passengers can face fines of up to $37,000 for violations.

Another video showed Moustafa talking to the pilot who explained that they were 40 miles from Kansas City so they were able to land quickly. The pilot also explained that the unruly passenger was trying to gain access to the cockpit, but was unable to open the door.

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